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Celebrating Ghanaian Excellence Part 2: Ghanaian Platforms

In continuing our celebration of Black History Month in the UK, we’ll be highlighting Ghanaian excellence. Previously, we shed light on a few Ghanaian owned businesses here in the UK, as well as those with links to the UK. This post will highlight Ghanaian owned platforms and content creators.

Jeff’s Corner

Jeff’s corner is a platform dedicated to encouraging young people to live a fulfilled life or in other words, to ‘live your best life’ in every way possible and to live it with love. From the way we show love to ourselves to the way we treat others, love should always be at the centre. That includes our self-care, self-reflection and how we reflect that love onto others we meet!

Instagram: jeffs_corner1

A Dash of Everything

A Dash of Everything blog is a personal blog detailing my personal experiences and ways to cultivate growth and self-development. Like the name suggests it really is “a dash of everything” and touches on a wide range of topics from advice to well-being to self-development.

Instagram: dashofeverythingg

Nana’s Views

Nana’s Views is platform dedicated to informing the diaspora about the latest releases from the Ghana music scene, whilst sharing her views. This platform also involves various playlists and blog posts to highlight the Ghanaian music scene.

Instagram: nanasviews

Verses + Thesis

Verses + Thesis aims to make intimacy a priority in every musical journey and revolutionise the way music is experienced. Their vision is to entertain, inform, inspire and shape intimacy through the power of music and artistry by creating unparalleled experiences for everyone involved. They share music related content/blog posts and specially curated playlists.

Instagram/Twitter: versesnthesis

The DSBs

The Dark Skinned Beauties, DSBs, is a platform that's dedicated to uplift, empower and highlight the beauty of ALL Dark Skinned individuals. The DSBs do this by sharing their stories through encouraging content.

Instagram: thedsbs_

YouTube: The Dark Skinned Beauties

Talking Drum Academy

Talking Drum Academy is a platform that was created with those in the Diaspora in mind, especially those who didn't grow up speaking Twi but had always wanted to learn it. With this in mind, the Talking Drum Academy is on a mission to empower a global community of Akan culture and language learners.

Instagram/Twitter: Talkingdrumweb

Annette Abena

Annette Abena, is a content creator and the founder of the Diaspora Talks. Diaspora Talks is a platform focused on African business, tech and development, consisting of a podcast, newsletter and blog. The content includes business trends, interviews, current affairs and more.

Sharon Appiah Foundation

The Sharon Appiah Foundation aims to touch the souls of the less fortunate and forgotten, one step at a time! Their most recent project involved a clean up exercise in Ghana during the Year of Return, to help lead Ghana into the future of cleaner living.

Instagram: sharonappiahfoundation/

Twitter: SAFGhana_


Find Your Voice Sis (FYVS), is a platform for Black Women, created by Black Women. FYVS is a platform all about celebrating, showcasing and empowering black women. In doing so, they're able to celebrate the wins, successes and journey's of black women, whilst educating and inspiring other black women.

Instagram/Twitter: fyvsuk



GhanaMade is a digital media company that aims to amplify Ghanaian and African culture, music, and society. They were founded in 2016 to help fill the gap where Ghanaians in the diaspora were in search of a digital means of connecting back to the Homeland. Their platform celebrates and connects Ghanaians at home and abroad.

Instagram: ghana.made

Twitter: __GhanaMade

Bokor Dieh

Bokor Dieh is a Twi speaking podcast, probably the first of its kind. They discuss current topics and issues, in Twi (mostly). It's hilarious, authentic and entertaining! It's definitely worth the listen.

Instagram: bokordiehpodcast

There are so many more Ghanaian owned platforms and content creators who are doing such great things! We hope you enjoyed our 2 part Black History Month series celebrating Ghanaian excellence.

If you know of any more Ghanaian businesses, platforms and content creators, we'd love to hear about them and acknowledge them!


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