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"Currently, in Ghana around 6 million people lack access to safe water and 18 million lack access to improved sanitation."

We all recognise and know of the importance of water in our lives; on a daily basis we use it for drinking, cooking or more simply for hygienic purposes. Water is very much an essential part of our existence, but its ease and accessibility for some of us can often be taken for granted. In case you didn’t know, access to water is a human right and in 2010, the United Nations General Assembly formerly recognised the right to water and sanitation as an essential human right for the enjoyment of life and all human rights (Resolution 64/292). However, although it is a basic human right, entitling everyone to the access of sufficient, safe and acceptable water, many are still denied access.

Lack of access to water is an issue that is often pertinent for rural communities in Ghana; many are without access to clean water. As such, there is often no choice but to use any existing sources of water, which sometimes means streams of highly contaminated water. Currently, in Ghana around 6 million people lack access to safe water and 18 million lack access to improved sanitation. As of Wednesday, 26th of June 2019, the population of Ghana stands at 30,081,693, and this further highlight why it is overwhelming that a significant proportion of the country are without access to clean and safe water.

More importantly, did you know that 70% of the diseases in Ghana are attributable to unsafe water and poor sanitation? This means that water-borne diseases such as cholera can become prevalent and sadly lead to death. Today, such outbreaks should not be happening, especially as these diseases are easily preventable just by having clean water. In the first instance, the provision of infrastructure that can allow access to clean water, including water facilities such as borehole wells, the creation of water systems and education on hygiene can go a long way.

Solving the water problem in Ghana is no small task, and it is especially not a job for one person. This is why Change for Ghana needs your help! At our most recent event, we managed to raise £1,600 to facilitate the construction of infrastructure for the people of Ntawadua in improving their source of water. But with your help, we can do a whole lot more. Consider what has been achieved so far, despite the size of the problem, and then consider the possibilities of what can be achieved with more support. The possibilities are simply endless. With that being said, I urge you all to please continue supporting and spreading the word about Change for Ghana. We want to continue to give back to Ghanaians back home and improve as many lives as possible. You can also donate here:

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