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Anadwo Yede paa!!

In case you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t realise, Change for Ghana hosted its first event (yaay!), and it was a huge success!

The excitement was very evident from social media towards up to the night and even after the night. The excitement for the event was surreal. This simply reiterated the love people have for Hip-Life. It was a rather nostalgic moment.

One of the star performers, Amanda, did an incredible job! Taking on the position as the first act must have been daunting especially when it involves taking on the Hip-Life Karaoke stage.

Nevertheless, Amanda strutted on stage and performed Praye’s classic hit ‘Shordy.’ The confidence in her performance was refreshing, though it wasn’t her only performance of the night; it is was amongst one of our many highlights, from her impeccable twi and the way she genuinely enjoyed the song made her performance stand out. On the topic of performances, KB and Biggie basically stole the night. Every time they got on stage, it was a movie; performing Toffee and Aso, and many others, they had everyone off their feet. Good vibe? Most definitely, we all thoroughly loved it!

There were many other amazing moments and performances from the night that can’t possibly fit into one blog post but another memorable highlight from the night has to be when we honoured some incredible artists such as the late Ebony and Castro. It was absolutely beautiful as we all united our voices in singing Maame Hw3 and African girls.

The entire night was an experience in and of itself; Batman’s Linda brought about all sorts of

interesting harmonies, similarly with Otoolege and Tuabodam. No matter which way you looked, everyone did the infamous shoulder bop when Daddy Lumba’s Aben Wo Ha played.

And in true Ghanaian fashion, the event ended in praise and worship. All in all, you had to be there to experience how amazing the event was. It was monumental to say the least, from the likes of Uncle De describing the event as 10/10, and going on to commend the initiative behind it. Other reviews on the event included a feedback by Denise, who described the event as "something that’s long overdue", and this was similarly echoed by Evans.

Overall the night can be characterised by the phrase “Good vibes!” as popularly described by many of the attendees! And we couldn’t disagree with the sentiment. Sharyn, a non-Ghanaian described the fun she had at the event, despite the language barrier, she attributed the fun she experienced at the event to the inclusivity of the Ghanaian community present at the event. We would like to say a huge thank you to those who attended, and to our sponsors on the night. We managed to raise a total £1,025 for Project Education and these proceeds will be going towards 'The Demonstration School for the Deaf' in Mampong Akuapem in the Eastern Region of Ghana. You can find out more information on our website.

For those of who missed it, don’t worry we will be hosting more events to raise money for the

various projects that we will be working on. We hope that you continue to support us becoming a member.



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