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August Newsletter

We hope that August treated you all well! Here are some updates from us:

Have you bought your raffle ticket?

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, we’ve partnered up with several amazing brands to bring you all TWO amazing raffles! All of the proceeds from these raffles will go towards the two projects that we are currently working on: Jaynii Orphange and the Ataaso Water Project. For more information on these initiatives, check out our website.

There’s a chance to win a beautiful Kofi Annan painting worth £250 by Sabina Silver with our £10 raffle. As for our £5 raffle, one lucky winner will win products from 8 different brands worth over £250 in total, including a photoshoot, African print face mask and scrunchie.

You don’t want to miss out! Buy your tickets today for a chance to win!

We will officially announce the winner on the 7th of September (which is very soon) so tell a friend to tell a friend!

Ghana News

The air borders are finally open! From the 1st of September. Ghana will allow international flights to enter the country again. However, the land and sea borders remain closed. This comes after all of the borders were closed in March to help combat the Coronavirus outbreak in the country. Passengers arriving in the country are required to have proof of a negative test result and upon arrival passengers will also be required to take another test, of which passengers are required to pay for (¢250-¢500). For more information on the guidelines in place, read this article on Ghana Web.

Will you be going to Ghana this year or wait until next year to enjoy Bloom Bar?

Earlier this month, the Volkswagen Group opened a facility to assemble vehicles. This comes after a partial government ban on imports of used cars that is part of policy measures to turn the country into an automotive hub for West Africa’s 380 million people.

On the 13th of August, President Akufo-Addo commissioned 75 greenhouses and an entrepreneurship and innovation centre, to be constructed by the Business Development Ministry and the National Entrepreneurship and Innovations Plan. This has been dubbed to the be the biggest green village estate in Ghana and aims to improve the present-day agriculture sector. The commissioning of these greenhouses is significant as the World Bank has estimated that the agriculture and agribusiness sectors could command a $1 trillion presence in Africa’s continental economy by 2030.

The Secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) officially opened in Accra in August, marking a major milestone in the full implementation of the free trade agreement. The AfCFTA hopes to boost intra-Africa trade whilst securing the continents future. Find out more information in this BBC programme.

(Source: BBC News, Ghana Web, Automotive News Europe and My Joy Online)


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