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JayNii Streetwise Update

At the beginning of the year we informed you all about the JayNii Streetwise Wall Project that we supported over the Christmas break.

As mentioned before, JayNii Streetwise is a charity and non-governmental organisation established in 2011, that exists to improve the lives of the young children in the Jamestown area in Accra. Their mission is to support, educate and empower children by providing sustainable education and practical skills. The JayNii Streetwise project aims to keep children off the street and off the beach during school hours.

We spoke to the founders, Jay and Nii on how we can support them going forward and were made aware of abandoned government construction works in the area that unfortunately resulted in the walls of the orphanage being destroyed. This exposed the orphanage and shelter for the children and carers becoming exposed to thieves and intruders. JayNii were asked to reconstruct the walls themselves and whilst they sought funds for this, they managed to provide a temporary solution by using bamboo sticks.

Change for Ghana were touched by their story and during a visit to the orphanage in December, we donated $2,000 (£1,650) for the project. This took two weeks to complete and once it was complete, JayNii felt happier and safer with the new walls that had been constructed.

We had hoped to continue supporting JayNii this year, however, we have sadly been made aware that a few days ago a demolition exercise took place on the beach where JayNii is situated. The demolition took place to allow work to commence on the Jamestown Fishing Harbour project, leaving the children and carers of JayNii in a difficult position.

Fortunately, they have been able to stay at a friend’s house for now. However, we are unsure of how they will be compensated or if there will be assistance in relocating them. At the moment, we are working on how we can best help them in the current state we are in.

As such, we are asking for donations of any amount to help these children as their safety and health is a priority until we receive further updates.

You can donate by visiting our website.

Thank you all for your support so far!

(Source: JoyNews)



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