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Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Looking to bask in the shade of palm trees after a warm swim in the sea? Or perhaps you just want a sweet tan whilst you sip on your cocktail? Well, you're at the right place. In this post, I will be sharing my top "must visit" beaches when in Ghana.

Did you know that the coastline of Ghana stretches about 350 miles from Aflao in the Volta Region all the way to the Western Region. Along this coastline, many beautiful beaches hug the Atlantic Ocean.


Labadi Beach, LA Rad, Accra

Did you even go to Ghana if you didn't visit Labadi Beach? Labadi beach is the most popular beach in Ghana! Located at the Western edge of Accra, it is a public beach with a fascinating beachfront offering a variety of attractions such as live music bands and activities such as horseback rides, volley ball etc. It is well-known for its night-time parties by bonfires.

Labadi beach also has facilities that are user friendly such as restrooms, restaurants and snack bars.

REMEMBER: A small entrance fee of about GH¢10(roughly £2) has to be paid by anyone who isn't staying at the hotels.

We will advise that if you're looking for some where quiet to relax, this might not be for you. Alternatively you can visit on weekdays as it is less busier then.


La Palm Royal beach Seafront - La Palm Royal Beach, La Road, Ghana 030 221 5100

Also located in Accra, La Palm Royal Beach is a favourite amongst travellers for its luxurious seafront and has been in operation for over twenty years. By prioritising luxury and creating a premium, relaxing atmosphere, the La Palm Royal Beach is suited for holidaymakers craving pristine, disturbance-free time in Ghana. For a two in one experience, book your stay at the hotel. There is also a Bar thats serves speciality coffees, wine, beers, cocktails and snacks.


Ada beach is located 100 kilometers from Accra. It located at the estuary of the famous River Volta. This one is particularly for my creatives who are looking for extensive picturesque sandy coastal beaches with beautiful sea birds. If you're in luck, you will also find the rare and endangered species of turtles on this scenic beach. If you enjoy sking, sport fishing or yatching, this beach is for you. There are nearby marines to provide those services.

REMEMBER: This beach isn't located in Accra therefore preparation must be done before visiting. Moreover, unlike the beaches in Accra, Ada beach is less frequently visited and therefore you will have ample time to interact more personally with the locals.


Bojo Beach, Kokrobite St, Accra 050 945 0840

Here's a worthy alternative to hectic Labadi Beach. Known for its intimacy and its cleanliness, Bojo beach is perfect for anyone wishing to relax by the sea without having to travel too far out of the city. It is just 5 kilometres from the centre of Accra and the journey there is made all the more special as you have to cross the Densu River by canoe to get the magical beach. There is also a hotel resort with a swimming pool on the main land. Restaurants and Bars are all on site and also at the Beach. The beach is open 7 days in a week.

REMEMBER: Entrance fee ranges from GH¢15 to GH¢20 (£2-£5) depending on event or activity. Outside food and drinks are not allowed as there are restaurants and bars available to cater to your needs.


Kokrobite Beach, Kokrobite, Ghana

Known for its "Rastafarian" culture, Kokrobite is also another popular beach destination in Ghana located a few kilometres outside Accra. It is great for parties with a calm and friendly atmosphere. Kokrobite Beach might feel as if it is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. It's an ideal place to spend a few days relaxing while soaking in the view of this tropical beach.

There are a few hotels you can stay in for a night or more. Popular ones include Big Milly's. Located directly on the beach with a restaurant, a bar, and a cocktail & juice bar. A range of rooms are available at various prices. Due to it's popularity, it is a popular destination to meet other travellers.

REMEMBER: It may also be a good idea to ask about swimming conditions before entering the water and there may also be some pickpockets so keep your belonging with you.


Busua is one of Ghana’s best beaches and offers visitors a chance to relax, paddle around in the Atlantic and enjoy some lobster. Boujee or what!

Located in the Western Region and known for its serene and inviting water, Busua is a magnificent location for business or family trips away from the stress of the city. At night, the true beauty of the beach is revealed in the splendidly decorated beachfront with thatch roofs, scented oil lamps, summer huts and a beautiful bonfire.

There are several hotels along the beach front ranging from luxurious to simple. Some of the notable hotels/inns found in this area are the Busua Beach Resort , Busua Inn and the African Rainbow resort. If Busua is too touristy for you, you also check out Princess Town a little further to the west along the coast.

REMEMBER: Due to its remote location, it may be more of an effort however it is well worth the visit.

To end the Beaches edition of #C4GVisit, always remember as with any beach, do not leave items unattended. Valuables and electronics should preferably not be brought onto the beach. Use your best judgement!!


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